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ID# RP0078 
ID 78 
Structure (((:::[[[[)))::]]]] 
Organism M34077 tobacco mild green mosaic virus 
Notes PKB-number: PKB23 Definition: tRNA-like structure 3'end pseudoknot of tobacco mild green mosaic virus Organism: tobacco mild green mosaic virus Abbreviation: TMGMV RNA type: Viral tRNA-like Keywords: tobamovirus; RNA 3'end EMBL number: M34077 Submitted by: A.P.Gultyaev ( Supported by: Sequence comparison; Structure probing References: [1] Garcia-Arenal F. Virology 1988, 167:201-206. [2] Mans RMW, Pleij CWA, Bosch L. Eur.J.Biochem. 1991, 201:303-324. Comment: The nucleotide G-6335 seems to be misprinted in the entry (M34077) of the EMBL database as C, while this is G in the original article [1], which is consistent with a model of tRNA-like structure. Stem sizes: Loop sizes: 3 4 3 0 2 Position Paired: 6333-6335; 6343-6345 6339-6342; 6348-6351 Bracket view of structure: 6320 6330 6340 6350 # 89|123456789|123456789|123456789|12345 ((({{:[[[[)))}}] KSPOS